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Green Honey

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Green honey is a food preparation based on honey and spirulina.

The addition of Spirulina VGreen to honey, this food already rich in nutrients and beneficial characteristics, gives life to an even healthier product. Spirulina increases the energizing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of honey, increases the content of mineral salts and antioxidants.

Green Honey, thanks to the action of spirulina, has a low glycemic index compared to a traditional one; it has a high content of proteins, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Green Honey helps strengthen our body and the immune system thanks to the higher protein intake and the presence of mineral salts

Green Honey is perfect for providing us with all the energy we need to better face the day!

Green Honey is excellent as a tonic after stress, seasonal ailments and intense daily workouts

Ingredients: 98% Millefiori Honey 2% Pure Spirulina Algae VGreen Srl. 

Honey and Green Honey Spirulina are produced by companies in Lazio. 

Take the product natural or add to milk, herbal teas, juices, fruit extracts, or spread on a slice of bread, rusks; ideal for the preparation of desserts. 

Store in a cool and dry place away from light sources. Stir before use and close the jar after opening. 

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VGreen has the CoF qualification (Final Collector) and SGS Certificate for the issue of Traceability and Sustainability certificates.


The company has developed specific experience in the direct management of plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources.


We enhance the entire production system by recovering the thermal energy produced, in terms of heat, and therefore an energy saving of the entire production process.

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